Fall Workhorses Seed Collection

Want to get a productive fall garden started from seed? Then consider picking up our Fall Workhorse Seed Collection. We’ve selected these leafy greens, roots, and flowers for their productivity, relatively fast production time, and ease of growing. Once you get these started from seed, consider checking out our free Fall Gardening Primer.

Our fall workhorse collection includes one packet each of the following varieties: Silverado Chard (~125 seeds), Red Express Cabbage (~150 seeds) Cilantro (~150 seeds), Italian Flat Leaf Parsley (~200 seeds), Red Russian Kale (~300 seeds), Touchstone Gold Beet (~125 seeds), and German Chamomile (~1,000 seeds). We offer these seven varieties together at a discounted price.

Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

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