Summer Workhorses Vegetable Seed Collection

Small-scale farmers, serious backyard gardeners, and urban growers face a similar challenge: working efficiently within constrained growing spaces. Our workhorse collections have been selected to address this challenge. These varieties combine stellar productivity, long production windows, and good adaptation to the uncertainties of temperature swings, low-water conditions. They mix the best heirlooms with the newest developments in organic plant breeding and variety improvement. While we will grow more than workhorses in a given season, the workhorses always serve as the base of our crop offerings.

Our summer workhorse collection contains one packet each of Genovese Basil, Czech Bush Tomato, Black Beauty Zuccini, Black Beauty Eggplant, Dragon Langerie Bean, California Wonder Red Sweet Bell Pepper and Aji Amarillo Chile Pepper. We offer these seven varieties together at a value price.

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