Our Mission

Quin Shakra, manager/co-founder, All Good Things Organic Seeds

All Good Things Organic Seeds offers certified organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds, including improved rare and heirloom varieties. Many of our seed varieties have been sourced directly from a single source – Mano Farm in Ojai, California.

Our mission is:

  • To propagate plant biodiversity. We have stewarded hundreds of plant species at Mano Farm and offer these seeds to our customers. Many of these varieties are hard to find anywhere, let alone in certified organic form.
  • To improve existing open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable varieties for better performance in organic farming and gardening contexts. Discernment for gardening starts at the level of the seed and quality seed is paramount to gardening success. For more information about our seed growing practices, please check out our Seed Quality Statement. Plant variety improvement is a lifelong journey that frequently takes side quests. A number of farm original varieties have been generated from these detours.

We are motivated by a curiosity and for the sensuous world and its panoply of colors, textures and flavors. Sourcing seeds from us allows us to continue this engagement and supports the broader organic agriculture movement. To connect more with us please visit our contact information page.

Quin Shakra, co-founder, 2011-present

Current Collaborators

Goda Trakumaite: Illustrations

Goda Trakumaite, Ilustrator

Past Collaborators

Shawn Fulbright, manager, 2014-2017. Check out Mano Farm, Shawn's certified organic farm, which produces a vast portion of our seed stock.

Shawn Fulbright, Mano Farm
Justin Huhn, co-founder, 2011-2014.

Mariana Schulze: Photography