Apricot Sprite / Hummingbird Mint

Apricot Sprite (Agastache aurantiaca) is a low growing (approximately two feet tall) perennial plant related to Korean Licorice Mint and Anise Hyssop. These extremely fragrant plants smell of mint and licorice and produce gorgeous curved orange blossoms that are attractive to hummingbirds and a host of other beneficial insects. Plants thrive under poor fertility conditions and have low water requirements. Our mother stand was planted in Riverwash (rocky/sandy) soil, and in an area of heavy squirrel predation. While the squirrels did nip at the roots, they never touched the plants again once they got a little more established.

Apricot Sprite can be grown as an annual in colder winter climates but will perennialize in zones 9 and above. Expect flowers within 120 days when spring sown. 

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