Jessica's Hollyhock Flower

The seeds for this hollyhock (Alcea rosea) originated from a woman whose grandmother had saved and replanted them over many generations. We regrew them on our farm and were struck by the surprising array of blossom colors: pastel pink, light pink, dark red; we even found one blossom that was one quarter white and three quarters magenta!

Hollyhocks can grow well over six feet tall. Our experience was that substantial watering can make the plants top heavy, so consider trellising the plants. Bees are absolutely rapt with the hollyhock blossoms; on any given evening the flower stand will resemble the sound of a beehive. Flowers are also heavy seeders, so expect follow up seedlings for years to come. Or, gather the seeds and spread them in fallow areas to start wildflower meadows. Cutting down spent flower stalks will also prompt regrowth from the base of the plants. Dried stalks can also be used for handmade rope/cordage.

75-90 days from seed to blossom. Annual.
Seeds grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
All of our seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.



Packet: ~30 seeds (0.4 gram) : 2140 Available

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Pink Hollyhock Flower
Pink Hollyhock Flower
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