Wild Marigold

Wild Marigold (Tagetes minuta), also known as Southern Cone Marigold, Stinking Roger, or Black Mint, is a very hardy Marigold, growing to heights up to eight feet in near-drought conditions. The dark-green foliage is beautiful and fragrant, and the tiny flowers are attractive to pollinators and beneficial insects of all kinds. If allowed to go to seed, it will re-seed readily, and be a garden companion every year.

Wild Marigold holds great promise as a companion plant, repelling pathogenic nematodes by secreting nematocidal compounds from its roots. We believe it can also be used as a cover crop in situations where nematodes are a problem – a 100-day cover crop of Mexican Marigold, tilled into the soil before setting seed – prior to planting a vegetable crop that may be susceptible to nematodes.

105 days to flower. Re-seeding Annual.
Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

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