Genovese Basil
Genovese BasilPacket: ~200 seeds (0.5 gram) More info1089 available
Genovese Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is an heirloom variety developed in Italy that‰۪s the go-to for making pesto. Round, lush leaves on proud, tall plants. Once established the plants can survive multiple cuttings throughout the season. In warmer climates, start seedlings early in the greenhouse and transplant as soon as frost danger has cleared at rather close spacing (2-4 inches). Plants will grow slower in the cooler spring whether, but will have enough foliage to harvests by May. Thin the plants back to more ideal spacing for summer growth and enjoy your first harvests before summer has even begun. Photo credits: Putneypics, sakura, Nicole Bratt. Licensed via Creative Commons
Sweet Green Basil
Sweet Green BasilPacket (1 gram, ~400 seeds) More info5 available
Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a classic workhorse basil, at home in a productive backyard garden or organic farm. This summer at Mano Farm, 1/2 a bed (~75 sq. ft. ) planted with Sweet Basil effortlessly provided large bunches for our 25 member CSA every week for more than three months! Delicious and succulent, this is a great basil for making pesto. 75 days. åÊAnnual
Sweet Thai Basil
Sweet Thai BasilPacket: ~200 seeds (0.5 gram) More info137 available
Sweet Thai basil (Ocimum basilicum) offers a unique anise/licorice and clove-like mint flavor and aroma, so valued in Thai and Asian cuisine. This easy to grow variety is compact (to 24" tall) and very productive and beautiful. . . an excellent choice for container gardening. Thai basil can be harvested and eaten fresh in salads or stir-fries, or dried for use in roasts and stews. Pinch the purple flowering tops to encourage continuous production. Alternately, allow to flower to bring the pollinators ‰ÛÒ basil is an excellent bee forage! 70 days. Annual.