About the Company

The Plant Good Seed Company, LLC is owned and managed by Quin Shakra and located in Ojai, California. Learn more about the company's mission statement and history on the About page.

The seed company is located in Ojai, California, United States.

You can use our Contact Page, email orders@plantgoodseed.com, or call 805-705-9550. Please use email for the most prompt response. 🙏🏽

The seed company is affiliated with a variety of producers, including Cacia Huff at Feral Farm, Richard Gambino at Topa Vista Farm and Steve Sprinkel at Rancho del Pueblo/Farmer and the Cook. Quin's farm project is called Ivan's Meadow.

Not at this time.

The company illustrator is named Goda Trakumaite and you can visit her website here: https://www.godaswebsite.com


Seeds are shipped from Ojai, California, United States.

Most orders ship within two business days. During our peak order season (January through April) or in exceptional circumstances, this length may be prolonged.

Kindly note: a ship date does not guarantee an arrival date.Unfortunately, we are not in control of the United States Postal Service and UPS once mail is in their possession, and cannot provide firm delivery dates once the mail is in their system.

Please also note: Choosing expedited shipping does not shorten our fulfillment times- only the speed of shipping once it enters the mail system.

If you do need an order to arrive with a guaranteed timeframe, please contact us and we will discuss using USPS Express Mail or other expedited shipping methods.

The seed company doesn't have a local pickup option. For local pickup please consider sourcing from one of our stores in the region.

No. We only ship orders to the United States and United States territories.

Returns and Refunds

In the event of a lost order, we will send you replacements free of charge or fully refund the cost of your order. However, orders that are shown as delivered via shipment tracking and claimed as lost will be subject to replacement on a discretionary, case by case basis. Orders returned to us for inaccurate or undeliverable address information will be refunded minus any shipping and handling charge either 1) after the shipment is returned to us; 2) after 30 days of the shipment listing as being returned on tracking. Orders returned to us for inaccurate or undeliverable address information can also be re-shipped to a new address for an additional shipping charge.

We do not accept returns. If you are having issues with germinating our seeds, please reach out to orders@plantgoodseed.com.

Seed Quality

No. We do not carry genetically engineered seeds in our catalog. Every seed variety in the catalog is non-GMO. 

Much of our seed catalog is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Each seed's organic status is indicated end of the variety description. Our latest organic certificate is publicly available on the web site.

No. We do not carry chemically treated seeds in our catalog. All seeds are untreated.

We believe in the quality of our products, and customer satisfaction is important to us. Please contact usif you are experiencing trouble. 

We pack everything by hand in our office. Each packet contains a packed on date, a lot number, and a sell by date. Seeds have a 15 month shelf life from the day they are packed. This is a legal requirement and not a strict expiration date. The viability of a given seed depends on the crop type, and storage methods. See more about seed storage and viability on our learn to grow page.

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