Seed Collections

Calendula Seed Collection
Calendula Seed CollectionFive Packet Collection: Lemon Sorbet, Neon, Wild, Sherbet Mix, Resina (~75 seeds/packet) More info
Five varieties of calendula that span two species, all grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. One packet each (~75 seeds/packet) of Resina, Lemon Sorbet, Neon, Sherbet Mix (Calendula officinalis), and Wild Calendula (Calendula arvensis) at value pricing. Each of these varieties have both culinary and ornamental uses, long blooming periods, are prolific re-seeders and are loved by beneficial insects. 70 days to bloom from seed. Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Holy Basil / Tulsi Seed Collection
Holy Basil / Tulsi Seed CollectionThree Packet Collection: Krishna, Rama and Vana Tulsi More info1630 available
Take one packet each of our three tulsi varieties: Rama (Ocimum tenuiflorum), Vana (Ocimum gratissimum), and Krishna (Ocimum sanctum) at value pricing.
Mullein Seed Collection
Mullein Seed CollectionFour Packet Collection (~250 seeds/packet): Common/Great, Silk, Purple-Throated, Dense-Flowered More info391 available
We've assembled our mullein seed collection for enthusiasts who love having these plants around for both their beauty and qualities as a tea. Our collection includes one seed packet each of four species of mullein: Silk Mullein (Verbascum bombyciferum), Common or Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus), Dense-Flowered Mullein (Verbascum densiflorum) and Purple Throated Mullein (Verbascum chaixii). Collection is available at a value pricing. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Summer Workhorses Vegetable Seed Collection
Summer Workhorses Vegetable Seed CollectionSummer Workhorses: Seven Seed Packets At Value Pricing More info4 available
Small-scale farmers, serious backyard gardeners, and urban growers face a similar challenge: working efficiently within constrained growing spaces. Our workhorse collections have been selected to address this challenge. These varieties combine stellar productivity, long production windows, and good adaptation to the uncertainties of temperature swings, low-water conditions. They mix the best heirlooms with the newest developments in organic plant breeding and variety improvement. While we will grow more than workhorses in a given season, the workhorses always serve as the base of our crop offerings. Our summer workhorse collection contains one packet each of Sweet Green Basil, Costoluto Genovese Tomato, Dark Star Zucchini, Black Beauty Eggplant, Dragon Langerie Bean, California Wonder Red Sweet Bell Pepper and Aji Amarillo Chile Pepper. We offer these seven varieties together at a value price.
Tobacco Seed Collection: Six Varieties, Six Packets
Tobacco Seed Collection: Six Varieties, Six PacketsSix Packet Tobacco Seed Set (~350 seeds, 0.02 gram/packet) More info154 available
We‰۪ve assembled our Tobacco Seed Collection for the completist interested in acquiring every tobacco variety we offer at a discounted price. This collection contains two packets of Nicotiana tobaccum‰ÛÒ a Virginia burley type along with the coveted Iranian ‰ÛÏShirazi‰۝ variety ‰ÛÒ in addition to one packet each of Nicotiana langsdorfii (‰ÛÏHuichol‰۝ tobacco), Nicotiana rustica, Nicotiana sylvestris and Nicotiana quadravalvis. The tobaccums are the most commonly used species used for smoking today whereas the latter four species are frequently grown for ornamental purposes or their strong regional/historical associations with the indigenous members throughout the Americas. These species also have smoking traditions and histories, but they are lesser known. These are all certified organic varietiesåÊgrown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. For more information on growing tobacco, visit these web sites: Fair Trade Tobacco: http://fairtradetobacco. com How to Grow Tobacco: http://www. howtogrowtobacco. com/
Tomato Seed Collection
Tomato Seed CollectionSix Tomato Seed Packets (Costoluto Genovese, Thessaloniki, Sasha's Altai, Black Prince, Black Cherry, Czech Bush) More info46 available
Take one̴Ì_packet each of six̴Ì_of our tomato varieties at value pricing. Included are Black Cherry̴Ì_(heirloom), Black Prince̴Ì_(heirloom), Costoluto Genovese̴Ì_(heirloom), Czech Bush, Thessaloniki̴Ì_(heirloom) and Sasha's Altai (heirloom).
Winter Squash Seed Collection
Winter Squash Seed CollectionWinter Squash Seed Collection: Five Seed Packets At Value Pricing More info11 available
Take one packet each of: Burgess Buttercup (Cucurbita maxima; ~30 seeds/packet), New England Pie Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo; ~35 seeds/packet), Waltham Butternut (Cucurbita moschata; ~36 seeds/packet), Queensland Blue (Cucurbita maxima; ~20 seeds/packet), and Lower Salmon River (Cucurbita maxima; ~20 seeds/packet) winter squashes at value pricing.