Retail Seed Rack (48 varieties w/Five Packets Each)

Our seed rack includes 48 vegetable, flower and herb varieties displayed in an elegant and sturdy all metal frame that can be either floor or wall mounted. Our seed variety selections are aimed to appeal to the entry level gardener or serious backyard grower. The seed rack comes with five packets each of all 48 varieties (see here for the complete variety list), for 240 packets total. 

The front of each packet features a hand-designed drawing by our illustrator Goda Trakumaite. The back of each variety's packet contains detailed growing information and a UPC product code to facilitate sale at retail venues.

The organic seed varieties on the rack are certified by Oregon Tilth and our latest organic certificate is accessible in PDF form.

Rack dimensions (includes placard):

  • 65" tall / 22" floor mounted
  • 55" tall / 22" wide wall mounted
Size: Metal Rack with 240 Packets (Black Frame)

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