Current Growers

Cacia Huff / Feral Farm: Jacksonville, Oregon

Kalan Redwood / Redwood Organic Farm: Manton, California

Michael Pilarski ("Skeeter") / Friends of the Trees Botanicals: Chimacum, Washington

Plant Good Seed Friends of the Trees Medicinals Skeeter Michael Pilarski

Friends of the Trees Botanicals has been growing and wildcrafting a wide variety of high quality medicinal plants for over 25 years! Our 1/2 acre organic herb farm is located at Finnriver Cidery in Chimacum, WA. We grow medicinal herbs, trees, shrubs, berries, culinary herbs and pollinator hedgerows. Our plantings are complex perennial polyculture systems where we apply permaculture and restorative land practices. We offer fresh and dried herbs, bulk seeds, propagation material, herbal infused oils, books, resources and organize many events. Thank you for supporting our small family business. Happy Growing!

Steve Sprinkel / Rancho del Pueblo Farm: Ojai, California

Steve Sprinkel Seed Grower Plant Good Seed

I started growing seeds when I had a difficult time obtaining cilantro seed in 1986. Everitt Dietrick, the insectologist who founded Rincon Vitova Insectary, complimented my flowering cilantro when he was conducting one of his scouting trips in the organic orchards nearby, in Carpinteria. Dr. Dietrick suggested I would receive three benefits from the cilantro crop therefore: as a harvest, as a beneficial insect habitat and as a seed crop. This year I broke the cycle and failed to replant cilantro ( or dill, parsley, some umbell that would flower). I had the worst aphid outbreak ever and started mowing down the stands. I had not seen mad aphids for years because of the cilantro seed crops.

Quin Shakra / Ivan's Meadow: Ojai, California / Siskiyou County, California

Quin Shakra / Ivan's Meadow Plant Good Seed

Kendall Hill / Faerie Folk Farm: Ojai, California

Leann Guzik / Plant Marks: Saticoy, California

Jim Bronec / Praying Mantis Farm: Canby, Oregon

Tim Van Wagner / First Rain Farm: Nevada City, California

Goda Trakumaite / Weedy Seeds: Bridgeton, New Jersey

Goda Trakumaite / Weedy Seeds

Weedy Seeds come from my garden, which is currently tucked in between the Jersey pine barrens and the Delaware bayshore, in the traditional territory of the Lenni-Lenape. The seeds themselves are not weedy, but the plants aim to be - the goal is for them to require low inputs to grow and thrive in increasingly unpredictable circumstances. Although the current selection of my seeds in the PGS catalog is eclectic and worldly, I'm particularly interested in plants native to the mid-atlantic, and in highlighting the ways they are beneficial to humans, our non-human neighbors, and the land itself.

Cody Egan / Driftless Seed Company: Mabel, MinnesotaCody Egan of Driftless Seed Company grows for Plant Good Seed

Cody grows on about 3 acres across several isolation fields in the Driftless Area of the Upper Midwest. After working at a seed company for many years, in 2021 he began growing seed crops on contract. In 2022 he co-founded Driftless Seed Supply, a regional seed company with a focus on Midwest adapted seeds. Most summer days you can find him in one of the fields with his dog friend Dill.


Dan Hobbes / Pueblo Farm: Cortez, Colorado

Marlo Eakes Meyer / Meyerhof Farm: Manton, California

Marlo Eakes Meyer / Meyerhof Farm / The Plant Good Seed Company

We live on 30 acres in the Manton valley, which is situated in Northern California, between the Sierra Nevada & the Cascade mountain range. Our little town of Manton is a sweet spot due to laying at the foot of Mount Lassen, making sweet water readily available. The climate (zone 9) makes it perfect for growing grapes, herbs and hops. We have five wineries within a two mile distance from the farm, a goat farm across the big field, an organic meat CSA down the street, and an organic seed farm around the bend. Since 2015, our farm has grown to include walnut & pistachio trees, grapes, six varieties of hops, herbs, vegetables. We are currently expanding our growing area, using low-impact tarping methods. We just recently started growing seed crops for that organic seed farm around the bend! What an adventure!!

Jay Lundahl & Britney Bakken / Sweet Thyme Garden: Sequim, Washington

Jay Lundahl and Britney Bakken / Sweet Thyme Gardens / Plant Good Seed

Sweet Thyme Gardens was established in the spring of 2017 with a row of radish for seed harvest and an acre of medicinal herbs for bulk sale. STG has focused on vegetable, herb and flower seed production since then; its mission is to help advance the organic seed movement and contribute to saving heirloom varieties. In 2023, STG acquired two leases on the Olympic Peninsula totaling about 40 acres, greatly expanding its possibilities. Future goals include: returning to bulk herb production, producing a number of cover crop seed species for sale and farm use, and continuing to build soil through polyculture green manures and perennial forage rotation alternating with cash crops while continuing to expand seed production.

Legacy Growers

Shawn Fulbright / Mano Farm: Ojai, California

Richard Gambino / Topa Vista Farmstand: Ojai, California

Jonathan Spero / Lupine Knoll Farm: Grants Pass, Oregon

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