Aji Amarillo Chili Pepper

Aji Amarillo (Capsicum baccatum) is the most popular and important culinary pepper in Peru. This pepper is a prolific yielder, and one of our favorites for drying. Here on Mano Farm, we add a few whole dried peppers to a pot of black beans to warm things up a bit. Fruits are 3"-5" long, cylindrical and slightly crinkled. They are typically harvested in the yellow (amarillo) to orange stage, when the peppers impart a sweet spiciness that's not too overwhelming. Will ripen red and become potently spicy.

95 days from transplant. Annual.
Seeds are certified organic.

This is IN PRODUCTION for release in Fall 2023-Winter 2024.

Size: Packet: ~35 seeds (0.2 gram)

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