Amaranth Seed Collection

Grow amaranth for grain, leaf, and beauty with our three packet collection of Chinese Giant Orange (Amaranthus hypochondriacus), Hopi Red Dye (Amaranthus cruentus) and Red Callaloo (Amaranthus tricolor) varieties. Chinese Giant Orange produces large yields of edible, tan colored seeds, with the other two varieties producing black seeds that are also edible. Hopi Red Dye flowers are used to add color to baked breads. Red Callaloo is typically grown for its green and red leaves that are used young in salads and stir fries. 

All three species are easy to grow and produce edible seeds that are quite attractive to birds!

Amaranths are self-reseeding annuals. If growing for grain, make sure you get to the seeds before the birds do.
Seeds are certified organic.

Size: Three Packets (600 seeds/packet)

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