Chimyan Garlic

Chimyan Garlic is a wild hardneck garlic that performed well in our warmer Mediterranean climate (zone 9B) where hardnecks can be difficult to produce or underperform in terms of yield. These bulbs are large, with cloves that have blushed purple skins; clove flavor is complex and spicy.


  • 5-6 bulbs a pound
  • Bulb diameter: 2.5 - 3 inches
  • Cloves per bulb (average): 6 cloves per bulb
  • Bulb weight (average): 0.195 lb
  • Individual clove weight (average): 0.028 lb

This is our first garlic offering in our seed catalog; quantity is limited!

Note: All garlic has a $10 shipping surcharge - we ship all garlic orders via USPS Priority Mail.

Size: 1 pound (5-6 bulbs)

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