Mammoth Dill

Size: Packet: 100 seeds (0.3 gram), OG

The tallest dill variety we know of, Mammoth (Anethum graveolens) grows up to five feet tall! A popular culinary herb, the leaves can be used fresh or dried. This variety is excellent for market growers wanting sustained yields of succulent leaves. Dill seed is also essential spice for pickling and mammoth provides big yields of seed following giant, beautiful flower umbels. A winner on all fronts.

50 days leaf. 90-100 days seed. Annual.
Seeds are certified organic.

Common Name:
Mammoth Dill
Scientific Name:
Anethum graveolens
A fragrant herb with leaves that can be used fresh, dried, or for seed, with flowers used for pickling.
Plant Lifespan:
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 9b
Light Requirements:
Full Sun (min. 6 hours a day)
Seed In:
Spring, Fall
Seeding Depth:
1/8 in.
Days to Sprout:
Optimal Soil Temperature (F):
Plant Spacing:
1-2 ft.
Average Days from Seed to Harvest:

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