Queeny Red Lime Zinnia

Queeny Lime Zinnia.

Size: Packet: 100 seeds (0.75 gram), OG

Queeny Lime Zinnia.

Zinnia (Zinnia elegans) are annual flowers that are best started from seed from early spring through mid-summer. Transplants from seedling cells or direct seeding in the garden both work equally well. In either case, ensure that seeds stay consistently moist throughout their germination period. Flowers can form blooms as early as 70 days from seeding. Plants thrive exceptionally well in hot weather conditions. Make flower bunches by cutting stems low at a 45 degree angle and stripping off lower foliage. Consistently harvest blossoms or remove any dead/seeded flowers to prolong blossoming - or keep seed heads on the plant for fall seed saving.

Common Name:
Queeny Red Lime Zinnia
Scientific Name:
Zinnia elegans
Pink / purple double and single blossoms with yellow-green blushed centers.
Plant Lifespan:
Cold Hardiness:
Zone 9b
Light Requirements:
Full Sun (min. 6 hours a day)
Seed In:
Seeding Depth:
1/8 in.
Days to Sprout:
Optimal Soil Temperature (F):
Plant Spacing:
18-24 in.
Average Days from Seed to Harvest:

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