Temptress Purple Mullein "Violetta"

Temptress Purple Mullein (Verbascum phoeniceum) is a variety native to southern Europe, northern Africa, and central Asia. The foliage is similar in appearance to our Purple-Throated Mullein without the hallmark leaf fuzziness that most people associate with mullein. Of course, this one is really all about the delicate and mixture of dark and light purple blossoms - Quin originally picked this strain during a trip to Scandinavia and seems to most closely match "Violetta." (Other strains of this species also bloom in white, pink, and yellow flowers). If spring planted, this one will bloom in the morning about eight weeks during late summer/early fall.

This was quite the find. Most mulleins are considered biennials, but this is classified as a short-lived perennial. This species seems to primarily have its has a niche as an "ornamental," but that word almost seems to undersell its value. There seemed to be a deep content to this plant's presence on our farm and we look forward to having it as a permanent fixture.

Seeds are certified organic.

Size: Packet: ~250 seeds (0.04 gram)

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