Western Vervain

Western Vervain (Verbena lasiostachys) is a California native species that is drought tolerant and grows well in nutrient deficient / low organic matter soils. Produces elegant spires of light purple flowers that make an excellent forage for bees and butterflies – not to mention other native pollinators.

Western Vervain is considered a "pioneer species," typically the first to pop up in disturbed areas. Just giving it a little bit of regular watering prolongs the blooming period substantially – multiple months. 

Wild species now being domestically/ethically cultivated under organic conditions. Plants are perennial. In warmer climates, seeds are ideally cold stratified/conditioned(to increase the rate of germination), or fall sown outdoors when cold conditions begin to set in.

Seeds are certified organic.

Size: Packet: ~250 seeds (0.1 gram)

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