Common Oat
Common OatPacket: ~300 seeds (9 grams) More info455 available
A high yielding grain grass (Avena sativa) with multiple uses. Plant as a cool season cover crop to suppress weeds and scavenge nutrients from the soil, mow and integrate into the soil for building biomass. Oats can be intercropped/mixed with other pea family cover crops such as fava, clover or peas. Of course, they can also be grown for grain and eating; small scale growers can enjoy whole oat groats or oat flour with a few hundred square feet of plantings. For an excellent survey of this plant‰۪s uses, be sure to check out the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education‰۪s entry from Managing Cover Crops Profitably. 120 days to seed. Annual. All of our seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.