Calendula Seed Collection
Calendula Seed CollectionFive Packet Collection: Lemon Sorbet, Neon, Wild, Sherbet Mix, Resina (~75 seeds/packet) More info
Five varieties of calendula that span two species, all grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. One packet each (~75 seeds/packet) of Resina, Lemon Sorbet, Neon, Sherbet Mix (Calendula officinalis), and Wild Calendula (Calendula arvensis) at value pricing. Each of these varieties have both culinary and ornamental uses, long blooming periods, are prolific re-seeders and are loved by beneficial insects. 70 days to bloom from seed. Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Finnish Calendula
Finnish CalendulaPacket: 1 gram, ~75 seeds More info
The seeds that form this variety were originally gathered during a Finnish autumn, first from the botanical garden in Helsinki and then from the community garden plots in the Pispala neighborhood of Tampere, which are filled with lush black soil formed in relationship to the nearby lake, PyhÌ_jÌ_rvi. The color composition of these blossoms perfectly reflects what I have come to love about being there: an understated beauty that only deepens with the passage of time. The blossoms have the quotidian yellows and oranges that we have come to expect from a calendula, but there are also a number of light, variegated pastel shades, including wonderful, multi-hued peach blossoms. -Quin 70 days to bloom. åÊHardy re-seeding annual/tender perennial.
Lemon Sorbet Calendula
Lemon Sorbet CalendulaPacket: 1 gram, ~75 seeds More info268 available
We are serious calendula growers, growing them nearly every season of the year on our farm since 2009. In recent years we‰۪ve had the luxury of making selections from the bounty of landraces that now exist on our farmland. Lemon Sorbet is a selection from the remnants of an insectary blend that we sowed around the rabbit fence of our circle garden. I was struck by one barely irrigated plant that was nevertheless flowering with light pastel yellow blossoms. I stuck a couple of seed heads in my pocket and went about working up a larger population of plants and began selecting for the same variegated pastel shades. We‰۪re now in the third generation of this plant-breeding project and are excited to offer this farm original variety to our customers! -Quin Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California
Neon Calendula
Neon CalendulaPacket: 1 gram, ~75 seeds More info
Neon (Calendula officinalis) is a rather unique looking calendula entry. The deep red-orange blossoms have a denser, more complex pattern than most other varieties. When in bloom, this plant practically glows in the garden. Plants to 30" tall are easy to grow, providing abundant blooms from spring to autumn and beyond in mild winter climates. Attractive to beneficial insects and pollinators of all kinds. Edible and medicinal flowers. 70 days to bloom. Hardy re-seeding annual / tender perennial.
Rainbow Calendula
Rainbow CalendulaPacket: 1 gram, ~75 seeds More info
Numerous varieties of Calendula (Calendula officinalis) were allowed to inter-breed to produce this seed blend. As pretty as it is medicinally important, this edible, beneficial insect-attracting flower is an absolute must in every garden and on every farm. Flowers may range in color: red, pink, yellow, orange andåÊanywhere in between. åÊ åÊ Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. 70 days to bloom. Annual.
Resina Calendula
Resina CalendulaPacket: ~75 seeds (1 gram) More info387 available
Resina (Calendula officinalis) is a variety that has been bred for its high resin content. The resin of the calendula flower (which mainly resides on the underside of the calyx) holds the potent medicinal constituents. These resins are soluble in hot water (tea), alcohol (tincture) and most especially, oil (oil infusion). Calendula oil ‰ÛÒ an infusion of the dried flowers in oil (typically olive or jojoba) can be used on its own as a healing ointment for skin ailments, or as a base for salves (oil & beeswax). If your intention in growing Calendula is for making medicine, Resina is the variety for you! 70 days to bloom. Hardy re-seeding annual/tender perennial.
Sherbet Calendula Mix
Sherbet Calendula MixMore info2256 available
An improved version of our Rainbow Calendula, Sherbet Mix (Calendula officinalis) is a farm-grown landrace that features a multitude of shades, textures and colors. A lot of the classic orange and yellow blossoms, but also lighter pastels with variegated petals. This is a great all purpose variety for both ornamental and culinary uses. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. 70 days to bloom. Annual.
Triangle Flashback Calendula
Triangle Flashback CalendulaPacket: 1 gram, ~75 seeds More info
Triangle Flashback (Calendula officinalis) is a gorgeous Calendula! Pastel faces, ranging from a soft-yellow to pink and orange sherbet, contrasted by maroon backs. One of our favorite Calendulas, Triangle Flashback is sure to add beneficial insect-attracting beauty to the garden. Edible and medicinal flowers. åÊ 70 days. åÊHardy re-seeding Annual / tender perennial.
Wild Calendula
Wild CalendulaPacket: 0.8 gram, ~50 seeds More info70 available
Wild Calendula (Calendula arvensis) is thought to be the original parent plant of domesticated Calendula (Calendula officinalis). This small, bushy plant produces a profuse number of small, yellow flowers that beneficial insects adore. Thought to be medicinally less-potent than C. officinalis, though no less potent in beauty! Easy to grow and self-seeding. Hardy re-seeding annual/tender perennial.