Carrots are one of the most space-efficient vegetables to grow, are highly nutritious, store well, and are delicious. They can be challenging to grow for one main reason – the seeds are slow to germinate. However, once the seedlings have emerged, carrots are not very fussy if their minimal needs are met.

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Cosmic Purple Carrot
Cosmic Purple CarrotPacket: ~525 seeds (1 gram) More info
Add some color to your meals with this unique carrot (Daucus carota) variety. A newer introduction, Cosmic Purple has long, slender roots and purple-red-tinged flesh with an orange skin underneath. Like many purple varieties, this carrot has a slightly spicy flavor profile. Best grown from early spring through mid-fall. For a hardier winter variety, try our Danvers 126. 70 days from direct seeding. Biennial.
Danvers 126 Carrot
Danvers 126 CarrotMore info716 available
Danvers 126 (Daucus carota) is a no-frills, classic sweet carrot on which we depend to abundantly provide season after season for Mano Farm's CSA ‰ÛÒ and that it does unwaveringly. This is a delicious heirloom carrot ‰ÛÒ sweet and crisp eaten fresh, creamy and succulent when roasted or in soups. An archetypal carrot in shape: blocky shoulders; 8-10" steeply-tapered roots; bright orange color; strong, tall tops for easy harvesting. Danvers 126 is very adaptable to different soil conditions, producing well even in tighter clay soils. We grow this carrot year-round in Ojai, and are very excited to be offering this wonderful variety to you! åÊ 70 days. Biennial.