Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a warm-season tropical perennial that is grown as an annual in temperate regions. Native to India/Southern Asia, eggplant is a member of the Solanaceae family, and is closely related to the tomato, tobacco, potato & pepper. It's commercial cultivation is concentrated mainly in India and Asia, though eggplant is now a staple food for many culturally-important dishes in Europe. Raw consumption of eggplant is not common, as the fruits are quite bitter with a spongy texture. Cooked, however, eggplant has the ability to soak up large amounts of fats and oils, making for a wonderful addition to curries, roasts & sauces. 

Black Beauty Eggplant
Black Beauty EggplantPacket: 0.5 gram, ~100 seeds More info206 available
Black Beauty (Solanum melongena) isåÊtheåÊopen-pollinated workhorse eggplant. Once established, these plants are incredibly hardy ‰ÛÒthriving in 105è_+ temps in Summer, andåÊwithstanding multiple light frosts in Autumn ‰ÛÒåÊproducing well into December in our fields! Huge fruits up to 3 pounds hang proudly from sturdy, spineless 2-3' tall plants. We selected for vigorous growth, early production, and uniform fruit shape. Glossy, deep purple-black fruits have a rich flavor. 100 days. Annual.