Kale (Brassica spp.) is a hardy, cool-season biennial that we at AGT are particularly fond of. It is easy to grow and quite tolerant of adverse conditions, though it prefers cold temps to extreme heat. Kale plants, well-tended, will produce an abundance of leafy greens that get sweeter with cold weather. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse containing anti-cancer compounds, and is high in vitamins A, C & K, as well as calcium. Start seeds indoors in winter, or direct sow in spring or autumn. Plants prefer moist, fertile soil and full sun. 

Fizz Kale
Fizz KalePacket: ~150 seeds (1 gram) More info196 available
Originally from Britain, Fizz (Brassica oleracea) is a very unique kale with finely-lobed, soft green leaves. The young leaves are tender and sweet and excellent in salads or stir-fries. Erect growth habit makes for easy harvest. 40 days baby leaf. Biennial. 40 days baby leaf. Biennial. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Lacinato Kale
Lacinato KalePacket: ~300 seeds (1 gram) More info1369 available
Lacinato (Brassica oleraceae), also known as Dinosaur, Black Tuscan, or Toscano Kale is an eighteenth-century Italian heirloom and easily the most recognizable and popular kale today. Plants form dark green, deeply savoyed leaves on tall, upright stalks make for easy harvesting. Baby leaves are great raw in salad mixes; more mature leaves hold up well to cooking in soups and stews and make excellent kale chips. 40 days baby leaf, 60 days mature. Biennial. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Red Russian Kale
Red Russian KalePacket: ~300 seeds (1 gram) More info1051 available
Red Russian (Brassica napus) is a very hardy kale originally from Siberia. Supple, blue-green leaves on red stems are tasty raw or cooked, and get sweeter in cold temperatures. Red Russian is a market staple and reliable producer. Dependable and delicious. Sow in spring or fall. 40 days baby leaf. 60 days mature. Biennial
True Siberian Kale
True Siberian KalePacket: ~300 seeds (1 gram) More info1100 available
True Siberian Kale (Brassica napus) has large, frilly green leaves with white midribs and succulent, sweet stems. This is our favorite fresh-eating kale. Extremely cold hardy, this kale will only get sweeter as the temps drop and can be picked through the winter in most climates. Open growth habit and heavy yielding. 40 days baby leaf. Biennial.