Czech Lavender
Czech LavenderPacket: 0.10 gram, ~100 seeds More info
Czech Lavender's (Lavandula angustifolia krajova) unique scent has a subtle power - not overly floral and soapy - but softly invigorating, friendly yet potent. This is our favorite lavender for oil infusions. Deep purple flowers with open blooms, its structure is irresistible to bees and humans alike. High in essential oil content. In short season areas, Czech lavender started from seed may not flower until the second year. In long season areas, first-year flowers are possible, but second year flowers will be much more abundant. Harvest fresh flowers often to encourage production. Harvest flowers after 120 days. Perennial. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Spanish Lavender
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Spanish Lavender (Lavendula stoechas) is a consistent producer of gorgeous, barrel-shaped purple flowers that we all know and love. This hearty shrub is a long-lived perennial, and will produce for many years once established. The flowers make an forage for bees, and are of aesthetic, culinary and medicinal value. This is our favorite lavender for smoking ‰ÛÒ the dried flowers are an essential addition to the herbal smoking blend, also consisting of tobacco and mullein leaf. When smoked, the flavor of Spanish Lavender is very mild, not overpowering the other herbs. Lavender has a soothing, calming effect on the body when smoked, not unlike the effects of drinking lavender tea. If established early enough, Spanish lavender may flower in the first year in climates with a long growing season. Otherwise, expect prolific blooms the following year. Harvest flowers after 120 days. Perennial.
Vera English Lavender
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Also known as True or Common Lavender, this strain of Lavendula angustifolia is considered the reference for the species. While colloquially described as ‰ۡÌÝ?English‰ۡó? lavender, the species is actually native to Spain. It produces lush purple flowers with a slightly open profile. Lavenders bloom prolifically after one year of establishment, and if spring sown can often provide a small flush of blossoms in their first year. Lavendula angustifolia is the most cold hardy of all lavenders, so this one is good for climates that have harsher winters.
Yellow Flowered Spanish Lavender
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A yellow-flowered Spanish lavender (Lavendula stoechas; often called "Lavandula viridis") with the classic rabbit ear bracts. The blossoms are resinous in texture, emitting an earthy, pungent pine fragrance mixed with an undertone of the classic lavender scent. Lavenders are Mediterranean shrubs that perform well in hot climates and alkaline soils. Expect prodigious blossoms from the second year onward. Established plants have some degree of frost tolerance. Second year flower production. Perennial. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. All of our seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.