Arroyo Lupine Flower
Arroyo Lupine FlowerPacket: ~75 seeds (1.75 grams) More info229 available
Arroyo Lupine (Lupinus succulentus; also known as hollowleaf annual lupine, arroyo lupine, or succulent lupine) is a nitrogen fixing annual flower native to our Mediterranean climate and prevalent throughout California, Mexico, and Arizona. The gorgeous lavender-violet purple plumes attract a variety of beneficial insects. This species is quite easy to grow and is frequently used as an ornamental or for cut flower bunches. Drought tolerant but performs even better with consistent watering. 100 days from seed to flower. Annual.  
Ed Gedling's Yellow Lupine Flower
Ed Gedling's Yellow Lupine FlowerPacket: ~50 seeds (2.75 grams) More info
Ed Gedling's Lupine (Lupinus v. microcarpus) is a stout nitrogen fixing ornamental flower with low water requirements. Flowers with six to eight inch yellow plumed blossoms that are occasionally blushed with a tinge of orange. Really really pretty. 100 days from seed to flower. Annual.
Stinging Lupine
Stinging LupinePacket: ~75 seeds (2 grams) More info
A California native lupine (Lupinus hirsutissimus) with light pink to magenta flowers and small hairs along stems, leaves, and seed pods. As the name indicates, the hairs sting similarly although not intensely as nettle. Plants have minimal water requirements following establishment and are tolerant of poor soil conditions – consider them a great do not touch nitrogen fixer for difficult to grow places. A single plant typically fills 2-3 feet in diameter and reaches 1-3 feet tall. Plants flower approximately 100 days from seeding. Self-reseeding annual.