Absinthe Mugwort / Wormwood
Absinthe Mugwort / WormwoodPacket: 0.05 gram, ~200 seeds More info509 available
The infamous Absinthe Mugwort (Artemisia absinthium), also known as wormwood, is a pale emerald green plant constitutive ingredient of the spirit Absinthe. Mugwort is an easy to grow rhizome that will spread easily but not aggressively. The trick is to limit its water. The foliage is extremely bitter and has folkloric uses as a dream aid and medicinal uses as for digestion. 90 days to harvestable foliage. Perennial.
Oriental Mugwort
Oriental MugwortMore info377 available
Oriental Mugwort (Artemisia japonica) has been used for centuries in Chinese, Japanese and Korean traditional medicine. A bitter tea made from the leaves is known to improve appetite and digestive function. Although this variety is milder than other Artemisias, it is still a powerful herb that is also used to cleanse the digestive tract of parasites or worms, as well as to induce menstruation and stimulate the uterus. Heavy doses can be toxic ‰ÛÒ A. vulgaris should not be taken during pregnancy. The leaves of Oriental Mugwort are also used in the Asian acupuncture practice of moxibustion. The heat from the burning of tightly-rolled leaves is held near a point on the body and is believed to stimulate circulation and the flow of qi. Placed under one's pillow at bedtime, the leaves are said to enhance dreams and aid the lucidity of dreams. The dried leaves can also be smoked. Perennial. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.