Parade Scallion
Parade ScallionPacket: ~275 seeds (0.3 gram) More info642 available
Scallions (Allium fistulosum), also known as green or spring onions, are a non-bulbing perennial type that are harvested whole when young. These are also really gorgeous plants to have around the garden, as their flowering stage creates a dense habitat for beneficial pollinators. Parade produces dark green foliage and good upright growth. Seed locally sourced from Topa Vista Farm in Upper Ojai, California. Scallions produce their first harvest in about 90 days from seed when spring planted. Can also be fall planted in mild winter climates. Hardy to zone 3.
Riverside Onion
Riverside OnionMore info
Riverside (Allium cepa) is an outstanding sweet yellow onion that is very high-yielding, thick-skinned and long-storing. Riverside is a mild onion, with a delicious sweet flavor. A short to intermediate day onion for growing areas south of latitude 40˚N, and will perform best south of 35˚N. A great onion for farmer’s market, community supported agriculture (CSA) growers, and a storage onion for subsistence gardeners. Bulbs frequently reach five inches in diameter and one pound in weight. 115 Days. Short-Intermediate day. Biennial. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Standard Chive
Standard ChivePacket: ~275 seeds (0.3 gram) More info1312 available
Standard or common chives (Allium schoenoprasum) are fine-leaved onion family perennials grown for their foliage, which can be used finely minced and cooked or as a raw garnish. Plants also produce large purple flowers attractive to many beneficial garden insects. Highly productive; once established, a few plants will serve most gardener’s needs. 90 days from seed to first harvests. Perennial. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth Photo credit: Mike Bowler. Licensed via Creative Commons.
Texas Early Grano Onion
Texas Early Grano OnionMore info476 available
An heirloom sweet yellow onion (Allium cepa) that originates from the Bermuda Islands by way of Texas (for more history, see "The Onion That Came To Texas But Never Left The Same"). Early Grano is a short day onion requiring a day length of 10-12 hours in order to initiate bulbing. These onions tend to be better in warmer, Southern climates, but this one's got a little bit of latitude to travel north. 75 days spring sown, 110 in fall plantings. Biennial.
Welsh Onion
Welsh OnionPacket: 0.8 gram, ~200 seeds More info
Welsh onions (Allium fistulosum) are a non-bulbing perennial variety that can be harvested whole when young and used as a green onion. Alternately, the baby foliage can be finely minced and used in a similar manner to chives. These are really gorgeous plants to have around the garden, especially in their flowering stage - the bees love them. If some plants are left unharvested they will duplicate around the base of the plants as the season goes on. 70 days from seed for baby/green onions. Perennial. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.