Galilee Spinach
Galilee SpinachPacket: 3 grams, ~330 seeds More info23 available
Our seed company was birthed in a Mediterranean climate, so we know definitely know heat ‰ÛÒ and heat and spinach (Spinacia oleracea) simply do not get along. Plants are especially prone to bolting, leaves become fibrous and their flavor turns bitter. This is because most spinach plant breeding in the United States has focused on adapting the crop to the Salinas Valley in Central California, where most of country‰۪s spinach is grown. This got us searching for something that might work better for our hot climate: a spinach we could grow deep into the spring and start again in late summer. This led us to this Israeli variety, which features extremely productive smooth, thin, triangular leaves that are excellent raw and delicious cooked. Plants can supposedly be cut and will regrow, but we prefer to leaf pick as they mature; will prolong production. 50 days from seed. Annual.