Rainbow Chard
Rainbow ChardPacket: 1.25 grams, ~80 seeds) More info154 available
Rainbow (Beta vulgaris) is our own blend of red, pink, white, and yellow chards. Each color in this mix has its own uniqueness, with subtle flavor and texture differences. Chard is easy to grow and performs well year round in milder winter climates, but it‰۪s an especially appropriate summertime green where temperatures turn other leafy greens like kale and collards bitter. Plants have an upright growth habit makes for easy harvesting, especially for braising mixes. Rainbow is sure to add color to your garden or farm community supported agriculture shares. 30 days baby leaf, 60 days full size. Biennial.
Ruby Red Chard
Ruby Red ChardPacket: 2 grams, ~125 seeds More info638 available
Ruby Red (Beta vulgaris) is the standard red chard with brilliant crimson stems and veins contrasting bright green leaves. This strain, also known as "Rhubarb," has been selected for savoyed leaves and bright, contrasting colors, even as the plants mature. Out of all of the colors of chard available, we have found Ruby Red to be the most consistent when it comes to quality and uniformity, and upright growth. 30 days baby leaf, 60 days mature. Biennial.