Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) are tropical perennials native to South America. In North America's temperate climate, they are considered tender annuals, as they are typically very frost-sensitive. Being the most widely-grown and popular garden vegetable (well, fruit...really) in the United States, there are as many opinions on how they should be grown as there are varieties! We offer more Tomato Cultivation Details instructions in an easy-to-print pdf format.

Be My Baby Cherry Tomato
Be My Baby Cherry TomatoPacket: ~50 seeds (0.15 gram) More info
The very first red cherry tomato (Solanum lycerpersicum) we’ve offered in our seed catalog. A decade of plant breeding work went into this tomato, which produces good yields of plump, dark red fruits on plants with standard tomato foliage. Sweet and productive; what you’d expect an organic cherry tomato to be! 65 days to fruit from transplants. Annual. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Photo credit: Richard Summers. Licensed via Creative Commons.
Black Cherry Tomato
Black Cherry TomatoPacket: ~50 seeds (0.15 gram) More info2285 available
These eye-catching “black” heirloom tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are actually closer to mahogany in color, with blushes of red and purple. Plants produce fruits the size of grapes with a complex flavor palette that should be expected. Indeterminate. A good tomato for backyard gardeners and flavor enthusiasts, but serious growers might want to double plantings to ensure yields for the marketplace. 100 days from seed to fruit production. Tomatoes are typically grown as annual crops but are actually perennials that can be grown year round in zones 10 and above. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Black Prince Tomato
Black Prince TomatoPacket: 0.15 gram, ~50 seeds More info
Black Prince (Solanum lycopersicum) is a gorgeous heirloom from Russia, with dark coloring and robust, complex flavors. The shoulders of the fruits are mahogany green, while the end ripens to a deep red. Black Prince is relatively heavier yielding and easier to grow compared to other heirlooms such as Purple Cherokee. An indeterminate variety; requires trellising. 75 days from transplant. Annual.
Costoluto Genovese Tomato
Costoluto Genovese TomatoPacket: ~25 seeds (0.07 gram) More info
This large, bright red Italian heirloom tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) provides exceptionally heavy yields of large, pleated fruits with a mild flavor. This is an extremely reliable variety that has long formed the backbone of our farm's summer tomato offerings, and is also great when we want production for restaurant or market sales. Costoluto Genovese plants also produce fruit earlier than many other indeterminate tomato varieties, lapping their production and continuing to produce late into the season. Later fruits tend to have sweeter flavor too. We can't speak highly enough of this one. Truly a workhorse variety for organic farms. 75 days from transplant. Annual.
Czech Bush Tomato
Czech Bush TomatoPacket: ~50 seeds (0.15 gram) More info1375 available
A squat, quick growing determinate tomato (Solanum lycerpersicum) that requires very little upright trellising. Sturdier bushes than Sasha's Altai and prolific yields of red fruits four to six inches in diameter. This is a great sauce tomato; a fair amount of acid content and a slight sweetness. We were really impressed by its performance on our farm. A definite workhorse. Fruits approximately 90 days from seed and 70 days from transplanting.  AnnualSeeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Ida Gold Tomato
Ida Gold TomatoPacket (0.15 gram, ~50 seeds) More info
Ida Gold (Solanum lycerpersicum) is a fast-producing determinate tomato variety, yielding heavily in record time. Developed by the University of Idaho for Northern, short-season climates, Ida Gold provides bountiful yields of golf ball-sized, low acid, sweet orange tomatoes. Sturdy, compact plants are excellent for gardeners with space limitations or container gardens. Determinate. 59 days from transplant. Annual.
Painted Ukrainian Tomato
Painted Ukrainian TomatoPacket: ~25 seeds (0.07 gram) More info
The most productive large type heirloom we've grown on our farm. Painted Ukrainian Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruits are red and yellow streaked that extend into the flesh of the̴ tomato itself. Fruits can easily reach one pound.  100 days from transplant. Annual.
Sasha's Altai Tomato
Sasha's Altai TomatoPacket: ~50 seeds (0.15 gram) More info
Sasha's Altai Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is an award-winning Siberian heirloom originally brought to the U. S. in 1990 by seedsman and friend Bill McDorman, who shared the seeds with us. He was gifted the seeds by a man named Sasha who claimed his tomato to be the "best in all of Siberia! " Squat vines produce substantial yields of four to six ounce red fruits that are slightly flattened and smooth. Very juicy with a moderately sweet, complex flavor. A determinate variety that will produce early; trellising is optional. 60 days from transplant. Annual. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Siskiyou Orange Tomato
Siskiyou Orange TomatoPacket: ~50 seeds (0.15 gram) More info
This is an original tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) variety from farmer Steve Florin at Dancing Bear Farm in Williams, Oregon.  Pleated, slightly flat fruits that ripen orange and are slightly larger than the size of a baseball. A mid-season indeterminate (requires trellising). Originally sourced from Territorial Seeds in the late 90s, Steve has cultivated this variety for at least eight generations and found it to be popular tomato at farmers markets tomato. With the original strain commercially unavailable, he gave it his own name: Siskiyou Orange.  100-120 days. Annual. Our seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Tomato Seed Collection
Tomato Seed CollectionEight Tomato Seed Packets More info
Take one̴ packet each of all eight of our tomato varieties at value pricing: Black Prince (~50 seeds), Black Cherry (~50 seeds), Be My Baby Cherry (~50 seeds), Costoluto Genovese (~25 seeds), Czech Bush (~50 seeds), Indigo Rose (~50 seeds), Sasha's Altai (~50 seeds), Siskiyou Orange (~50 seeds)