Tobacco Seed Collection

We've assembled our Tobacco Seed Collection for the completist interested in acquiring every tobacco variety we offer at value pricing. This collection contains two ~350 seed packets of Nicotiana tobaccum – a Virginia burley type along with the coveted Iranian "Shirazi" variety – and one packet each of Huichol Tobacco (Nicotiana langsdorfii;~350 seeds), "Hopi" / Rustica Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica;~350 seeds), Coyote Tobacco (Nicotiana attenuata;~175 seeds), and ~350 seeds of Nicotiana quadravalvis. The tobaccums are the most commonly used species used for smoking today. The latter four species are frequently grown for ornamental purposes or their strong regional/historical associations with the indigenous members throughout the Americas. They also have smoking traditions and histories, but are lesser known.

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