Native to the Americas, Tobacco was used by and an important plant of ritual and spiritual significance to many indigenous tribes. It is believed to be a gift from the creator, and that the exhaled smoke carries one's prayers to the heavens. It was also traditionally smoked to seal an agreement - as a symbol of peace. It has now become a widely-consumed plant worldwide. Tobacco grown in one's own garden and cured with care is indeed special, and undoubtedly higher in purity and smoother-smoking than commercially-produced tobacco. The leaves contain the substance nicotine, an addictive alkaloid responsible for its stimulating and calming effects. Tobacco is an easy plant to grow, thriving in in well-tended garden soil. High fertility will result in healthier plants and improved yields.
Huichol Tobacco Seed
Huichol Tobacco SeedPacket: ~350 seeds (0.02 gram) More info1096 available
Huichol Tobacco (Nicotiana langsdorffii) is a fast-growing, small-leafed tobacco that is cultivated and used ceremonially by the Huichol people of what is now central Mexico. This tobacco species can be found growing wild in the desert southwest of North America. These plants are extremely resinous and powerful, for ceremonial use and for smoking. Prolific yellow flowers attract many pollinating insects to the garden. 75 days from transplant to flower. åÊAnnual.
Nicotiana quadrivalvis Tobacco Seed
Nicotiana quadrivalvis Tobacco SeedPacket: ~350 seeds (0.02 gram) More info3129 available
Indigenous peoples all along the West Coast cultivate Nicotiana quadrivalvis commonly known as "Indian Tobacco" The plant forms arrow shaped leaves and elegant white trumpet-shaped flowers with a long blooming period. Has a rather shrubby or bush-like form and ultimately grows to about two feet tall. A must-have for any Nicotiana enthusiast, but it makes a striking addition to any garden. Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Rainbow Sylvestris Tobacco Seed
Rainbow Sylvestris Tobacco SeedPacket: ~350 seeds (0.02 gram) More info171 available
We were excited to finally grow our first crop of sylvestris or what's commonly called woodland tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris), as it had been missing from our otherwise eclectic selection of tobacco species offerings. We expected the plants to blossom white, but discovered many of the long, trumpet-shaped flowers were shades of pink and purple as well. Thus rainbow sylvestris tobacco was born. The blossoms are fragrant and the plants are ornamental, but we‰۪ve known people who cure and smoke this tobacco species too. 75 days from transplant to flower. Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Rustica Tobacco Seed
Rustica Tobacco SeedPacket: ~350 seeds (0.02 gram) More info358 available
Cultivated by indigenous tribes of the American southwest, "Hopi" tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) is a very powerful plant, containing up to nine times more nicotine than commercially-grown N. tabacum. Medium rounded leaves and abundant yellow flowers that attract pollinators. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Shirazi Tobacco Seed
Shirazi Tobacco SeedMore info9211 available
This coveted strain of cigarette tobacco (from the Nicotiana tobaccum species) hails from the Shiraz region of Iran (Shirazi translates to "from Shiraz" in Persian), where it was brought from the New World around the mid-sixteenth century. We're excited to offer our own certified organic version of this variety. The plant is stout, fast growing – more so than many other Tobaccum species – and yields thin leaves that are traditionally sun-cured and turn to a gorgeous light tan. Compare to our Mano Farm variety that is more vigorous in stature and has thicker leaves. All varieties of Nicotiana tobaccum make beautiful ornamentals namely due to their pronounced trumpet-shaped flowers.
Smoking Tobacco Seed (Tabacum species)
Smoking Tobacco Seed (Tabacum species)More info10032 available
This is the most widely-grown species of Tobacco, and for good reason. Commonly known as Smoking tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum is our favorite variety to smoke, hands down. When these plants are nurtured in the garden, and the leaves cured well, the smooth smoke is unparalleled. One simply cannot compare homegrown and cured tobacco with anything found commercially. In addition to N. tabacum's smoke-ability, this is a striking plant in the garden. With heights over six feet tall, and abundant gorgeous, pink, trumpet-shaped flowers. Tobacco is also known for its uses as a natural pesticide.  80 days. Annual
Tobacco Seed Collection: Six Varieties, Six Packets
Tobacco Seed Collection: Six Varieties, Six PacketsSix Packet Tobacco Seed Set (~350 seeds, 0.02 gram/packet) More info171 available
We’ve assembled our Tobacco Seed Collection for the completist interested in acquiring every tobacco variety we offer at a discounted price. This collection contains two packets of Nicotiana tobaccum– a Virginia burley type along with the coveted Iranian “Shirazi” variety – in addition to one packet each of Nicotiana langsdorfii (“Huichol” tobacco), Nicotiana rustica, Nicotiana sylvestris and Nicotiana quadravalvis. The tobaccums are the most commonly used species used for smoking today whereas the latter four species are frequently grown for ornamental purposes or their strong regional/historical associations with the indigenous members throughout the Americas. These species also have smoking traditions and histories, but they are lesser known. These are all certified organic varieties grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. For more information on growing tobacco, visit these web sites:Fair Trade Tobacco: http://fairtradetobacco. comHow to Grow Tobacco: http://www. howtogrowtobacco. com/