Mustard Greens

ArugulaMore info4806 available
The standard Arugula (Eruca sativa) with that classic spicy flavor. Long, deeply-lobed dark leaves are easy to harvest for bunching. Spicy flowers are excellent in salads. Sow it thick for multiple cuts, or give each plant a little space for large, bunching leaves. Hardy re-seeder. Best sown in spring or autumn, as hot weather will cause fast bolting. 21 days baby leaf, 40 mature. Annual. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Ho Mi Z Mustard Green
Ho Mi Z Mustard GreenPacket: 1 gram, ~600 seeds More info148 available
Hi Mi Z or "Dragon's Tongue" (Brassica juncea) is an excellent new mustard variety from master breeder Frank Morton. Purple and green mottled leaves are tender and delicious when young, and mildly spicy and sweet when mature. Crinkled, frilly leaves with thick, white midribs. Delicious in stir fries. 40 days baby leaf. 65 days full size. Annual.