Cilantro leaves and seed (coriander) are highly-valued culinary herbs in many traditional cuisines around the world. The strong, unique flavor of Cilantro leaves is unmistakeable when added to stir fries or Mexican dishes such as salsa or guacamole. Coriander is an indispensable herb in Indian cooking, and known to aid in digestion. Cilantro flowers are excellent for attracting beneficial insects and pollinators of all kinds.

Cilantro Seed
Cilantro SeedPacket: 1.5 grams, ~150 seeds More info766 available
Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) is an important culinary herb in Latin and Asian cuisines. Both the leaf and the seed (coriander) are used to flavor dishes and are popular with farmers and home gardeners alike. Can be cut nearly to the ground two or three times, or leaf-picked for a sustained harvest. Allow this friend to bolt, and watch in amazement as the beautiful white flowers draw in the good bugs from seemingly out of nowhere. Then, eat the seeds. 50 days to leaf. 125 days to seed. Re-seeding annual.