Festivity Sweet Corn
Festivity Sweet CornPacket: 7 grams, ~30 seeds More info3372 available
An open-pollinated sweet corn (Zea mays) that originally hails from Lupine Knoll Farm in Southern Oregon. Multi-colored kernels with a crisp starchy flavor, fast producing, and from our experience, less predated upon by common corn pests. 90 days from seed to eating cobs. Annual. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Glass Gem Corn
Glass Gem CornPacket: ~50 seeds (8 grams) More info1017 available
Glass Gem Corn (Zea mays) produces highly variegated, three to eight inch cobs with translucent kernels that can be used for grinding or merely staring at and marveling at the immense diversity of the natural world. Originally sourced from Native Seed Search in Arizona, we are proud to be the most recent stewards of this variety on our farm in Southern California and offer it to our customers in a certified organic form. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. 120 days from seed to dried cobs. Annual. Check out our friend (and former Mano Farm intern) Stephen Thomas's article that delves into the origins and history of this corn variety.
Strawberry Corn
Strawberry CornPacket: ~50 seeds (4 grams) More info205 available
An heirloom corn (Zea mays) that produces 3-4 inch rounded ears and ruby red, pointed kernels. Frequently used ornamentally in fall decorations, this corn can also be popped. Plants reach between 4-6 feet tall. 100 days from seeding to dried ears. Annual. Seeds are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Zanadoo Sweet Corn
Zanadoo Sweet CornPacket: ~30 seeds (7 grams) More info395 available
This is an important open-pollinated corn variety for those who are serious about the ethos of organic farming and gardening. Plant breeder and farmer Jonathan Spero from Lupine Knoll Farm has developed this sweet corn variety for seven years, and the result is an extremely productive, sweet and vigorous open pollinated corn. Here’s Jonathan’s description of his variety: “Zanadoo has a mixture of white and yellow kernels and we are finding this bi-color is promising to be a little sweeter than the single color white Anasazi cross corn. About 82 days to maturity with mostly 14 rows of big deep kernels on 7 1/2" long, wide diameter cobs. Robust flavor, long husks give good ear protection. 2 ears per 6 1/2' tall plant. Selected to produce without high fertility levels and without coddling. ”Zanadoo reflects the best of organic crop improvement and we are proud to offer this high quality sweet corn in our catalog. This is a true workhorse variety. 80-90 days from seedling to harvest. Annual.