Fava Beans

Broad Windsor Fava Bean
Broad Windsor Fava BeanPacket: ~15 seeds (20 grams) More info517 available
Broad Windsor Fava (Vicia faba) is an English heirloom cool season bean dating back to the 1800s. Plants are fall or winter sown and grow with great vigor to a height of up to five feet, with heavy yields of six to eight inch pods that produce large succulent green beans that can be eaten fresh or grown to maturity and dried. Young pods are succulent enough to be eaten whole and baby leaves are quite palatable as well and can be prepared and eaten like spinach. Broad Windsor can also function as a cool-season, frost-tolerant cover crop, producing nitrogen-rich biomass that can be planted into immediately after tilling. We have observed increased vigor, yields, and overall health of vegetable crops sown following a fava cover crop. Favas have a large, deep taproot that aids in loosening tight subsoil. There is just something special about the tilth of the soil after a fava cover crop has been incorporated. A key ally in sustainable soil and nutrient management. Beans in 80 days when spring-sown, 150 days when fall sown. Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California
Crimson Flowered Fava
Crimson Flowered FavaPacket: ~7 seeds (5.5 grams) More info
We'll get right to it: the real story of this fava bean (Vicia faba) variety are its crimson flowered blossoms, which sets it apart from all white flowered varieties we've grown. The blossoms attract a variety of beneficial insects including sphinx moths. The fast growing, stout plants require minimal support and the blooming period makes this an attractive nitrogen fixing cover crop. Beans mature to a deep rich green. We are proud to offer this unique and hard to find fava bean in our catalog! Beans in 90 days when spring sown, 160 days when fall sown.  Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California. All of our seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth.
Purple Fava Negreta Broad Bean
Purple Fava Negreta Broad BeanPacket: ~10 seeds, 18 grams More info
"Negreta," a fava variety originating from either Italy or Spain, yields large green pods with large beans that mature to a dark, imperial purple shade. The beans are not only visually striking, they also mature up to 10 days faster than the Broad Windsor. We are happy to resurrect this classic variety, stewarded for two years at Mano Farm in Ojai, California and now available in our catalog in certified organic form. 70 days spring sown, 240 days fall sown. Annual.