Peppers, Sweet

California Wonder Sweet Red Bell Pepper
California Wonder Sweet Red Bell PepperPacket: 0.3 gram, ~35 seeds More info158 available
A tried-and-true red sweet bell pepper. For many years on our farm Purple Beauty has been our go-to bell pepper variety (and we always make sure to let people know that it will also eventually ripen red), but California Wonder is the choice variety if you're looking for a sweet red bell. This heirloom was originally introduced by Burpee Seed Company in the late 1920s and has been remained remarkably productive over the decades, even compared against modern varieties. Stout plants yield large fruits that start green and then ripen red. Will produce late until the fall in warmer climates such as ours. 70 days from transplant; 100 from seed. Annual. Photo credits: Audrey, Elizabeth Trittipo. Licensed under Creative Commons.
Chinese Giant Red Bell Pepper
Chinese Giant Red Bell PepperPacket: 0.3 gram, ~35 seeds More info1300 available
Another choice heirloom sweet red bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) originally introduced to American gardeners in the early 1900s. Plants produce thick walled fruits four to six inches in diameter and ripen from green to red. Plants have a stout growing profile but require trellising to reach their maximum yield potential. Thin fruits regularly to make space for peppers to size up and prevent branches from breaking. 70 days from transplant; 100 from seed. Annual. Photo Credits: Andrew Adams; Lucas CobbLicensed through Creative Commons
Purple Beauty Sweet Bell Pepper
Purple Beauty Sweet Bell PepperPacket: 0.25 gram, ~35 seeds More info141 available
Purple Beauty (Capsicum annuum) sweet bell is the best bell pepper variety we have grown on our farm. Plants are squat-growing and very stout, setting medium-large fruits at the crown and at the node of each limb, making for a large yield when harvested continuously. The fruits are beautiful! The deep-purple skin is very unique ‰ÛÒ a standout in a CSA basket or Farmers' Market stand. Last but not least, Purple Beauty Peppers have an excellent, crisp texture and a delicious sweet pepper flavor! From transplant: ~90 days young (purple fruits), ~110 days mature (red fruits). Annual. Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.
Rainbow Sweet Bell Pepper
Rainbow Sweet Bell PepperPacket: ~35 seeds (0.3 gram) More info1295 available
A seed blend of green, yellow, red, purple and orange sweet bell peppers (Capsicum annuum). Open pollinated and certified organic, this is the perfect summer crop medley. 70 days from transplant; 100 from seed. Annual. All of our seed varieties are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Photo Credit: thecrazyfilmgirl: "Veggies of the Rainbow"